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Can the Reception Area Chairs be Repaired? When Should I Replace My Old Plastic Waiting Room Chairs?

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The reception area chairs are an essential aspect of the workspace. Plastic waiting room chairs are frequently used as reception area chairs, to greet all visitors and provide a warm and welcoming feeling for them.

When clients or business partners visit your office, it is the smallest details that play a crucial role in pleasing them. Reception area chairs are one of the first things that grab their attention. These plastic waiting room chairs should take care of your visitors by making sure they are comfortable and at ease.

However, most business owners and managers tend to neglect the need to invest in a good reception area chair. They think that reception area chairs are not as important as other furniture items, and any tacky plastic chairs would do the job! They may not know that each chair has a lifespan, and it might also need repairing.

In this article, we will explain: 

What affects the lifespan of a reception area chair?

Plastic chairs usually come with a warranty, a typical warranty period is usually 3-5 years. However, the true lifespan of a plastic waiting room chair can be anywhere from 2 to 20 years! It all depends on the quality of the chair in the first place, and how the chair is used and maintained daily.

Compared to other types of furniture, chairs are built of the most fragile parts: two pieces of durable material, attached as back and seat to one another at a 90° or slightly greater angle. Nevertheless, chairs are still expected to serve us unfailingly.

When adequately maintained, a reception area chair can easily support tens of kilograms of weight. On the contrary, when a reception area chair is worn out, loosened or improperly repaired, a single kilogram of an object can break the chair apart!

Plastic waiting room chairs may not need to be as functional as regular, dedicated office chairs, we should still pay attention to their lifespan in order to provide our visitors or clients with a safe and appropriate seating environment. So, the next question is, how do you know it is the right time to repair a reception area chair?

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When is time to repair your plastic waiting room chair?

When it comes to office furniture repair, reception area chairs are quite overlooked by office workers. Those who sit in their own desk chairs all day tend to care little about others’ chairs, not to mention visitors’ chairs. Thus, not every employee knows when is the right time to repair a plastic waiting room chair, nor can they do the actual repairing job. As a result, the easiest solution is to just throw away any broken plastic chairs.

There are 3 signs that your plastic waiting room chairs must be repaired or replaced.

Colour Fading

Temperature and sun exposure can damage a plastic chair. Fluctuations in temperature (both hot and cold) can create cracks in plastic chairs.

UV rays from sun exposure may cause some plastic chairs to fade in color and lose their patina and color vibrancy. Thus, when you see a plastic waiting room chair fade in colour and leave uneven patchy marks, it is time to replace it.

Unsteady structure

It is common practice to drag chairs around or even throw them on top of each other. Excessive use such as the uneven distribution of weight, or frequent moves tends to wear out plastic waiting room chairs more quickly.

The chair may sway from side to side, and the legs of the chairs can come loose, or the screws might pop out. If you see these unsteady signs, it is time to repair the chair.


Metal chairs or plastic chairs with metal legs tend to rust over time because they are made of steel or iron. Rust is the result of corroding steel after the iron particles exposed to oxygen and moisture.

In humid weather or a high-vapor environment, the speed of rusting accelerates. Surface rust is commonly flaky and friable, and it provides no protection to the underlying iron. Therefore, when you see flaky rusts, it is time to repair or renew the chair.

A damaged reception area chair can cause a lot of problems at work. Employees and visitors are at risk of falling and suffering from severe injuries such as broken bones or ligament fractures.

Hence, choosing good reception chairs for the office is crucial to company operation.

What features should be included in a good reception area chair?

Besides getting your chairs repaired on time, another solution to avoid inconveniences is to invest in a good chair. The reception area chairs manufactured by Tech & Q possess all the traits that guarantee a good day at the office.

Ergonomic backrest:

Tech & Q incorporates ergonomic science into the design of TEC-series plastic waiting room chairs. The TEC-series are types of sled base stacking chairs, 4-leg stacking chairs, stacking chairs with arms. Each chair is ergonomic because of its artfully sculpted chair back that mimics the general contour of the human spine. A convex-shaped backplate is made of multiple flexible sheets that smartly adjust themselves to match a sitter’s back. These different thicknesses of flexible sheets provide excellent back support for various body types.

For more information on the ergonomically designed chair, click: What Are The Features of An Ergonomically Designed Chair?


In Tech & Q, we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality chairs that match ANSI/BIMFA or AFRDI office-product quality standards. We use robot-automated welding to improve the yield rate of welding and facilitate quality control. We use CNC automatic pipe bending machines to ensure that the chairs are firmly made. Lastly, all chairs are rust-resistant as they are plated by high-class quadruplicate nickel-chromium. Tech & Q make sure that all chairs are built out of firm and sturdy material.

Transportable features:

Plastic waiting room chairs are a convenient aspect because they are usually stackable and designed for transporting and storing via chair trolleys.

To accommodate different numbers of people in different meetings, stackable chairs are often moved around when a room needs extra sitting. Thus, stacking chairs and stools are the best seating options to equip this type of multi-purpose room.

ACE-05C guest chair stacking on the dolly
ACE-05C guest chair stacking on the dolly


When it comes to office seating, comfort and safety are the keys. Your clients or business partners start judging your company from the time they enter your office space. Investing in good quality visitor chairs isn’t a ‘waste of money’. Keep in mind. Guests notice their surroundings and the chairs they’re sitting on, so be sure to keep the brand consistent.

Neglecting these aspects of the office can prove extremely harmful to your company. It should be your responsibility as an employer to look after these factors that may seem relatively small but shape your employees’ daily lives.

So, if you think your reception area chairs have not been looked at in a while, go and examine them today to ensure your workplace is a safe and warm space for everyone.

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