Chair Knowledge

How to choose chair?

The soul of a chair-the design of chair back

The human’s spine consists of a series of curved sections called the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine. These three curves make up a natural S-curve. The lumbar is between L 1 and L5 and is built for strength and absorbs forces. If the backrest cannot provide sufficient support to the lumbar spine, you can develop a shoulder, neck and back pain which can result in soft tissue, bony and neurological injury.

A well designed backrest provides permanent contact to your back whether in a work or leisure environment. In addition to having the right chair, sitting correctly and maintaining the correct posture is critical.

In addition to the backrest, a good chair should be adjustable to suit the physical differences of users and the task undertaken.

Seat Height

The lever to adjust seat height is located at the right front of the chair. To lower seat height, raise the lever while you are seated in the chair. To raise seat height, take your weight off the seat and then raise the lever. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your thighs parallel to the floor

Armrest Height

The button to adjust arm height is located on the outside of the arm support. Press the button and raise or lower the arm to the desired height. The armrest height should be adjusted such that your shoulders are not “hunched”, but are relaxed.

Keep your balance when leaning back

The synchronised mechanism can prevent falling as it adjusts the center of gravity simultaneously when users lean back. Tilt Tension should be fine tuned to match the individual’s leaning force, not too loose or tense.

A well distribution of masses

When seated, you feel as if attracted by the magnet. The center of gravity is stable, no sliding or falling.


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