Chair Knowledge

The Design Concept behind TEC Office Chair

What happened when you press into a sponge?

You press, then it recover, how lively it is….this gives designer David Liu an idea to redefine how people interact with chairs. What if we can make a chair that acted like this, absorbing the impact of the sitter, and constantly pampering and supporting? This is where TEC kinematic chair begins.

TEC’s artful sculpted back provides instant comfort and keeps in contact with your spine from the moment you sit down. Moreover, the signature slats in the back permit flexing and respond actively to the motions of the body, while the user sits, works and moves throughout the day.

Ultimate evolution from a conventional static chair, TEC adapts to the user also improving their posture. With the new, dynamic and responsive chair now available, why go back to the old static?

The flexible back reduces fatigue and allows natural shifts in seating posture.

TEC mirrors natural body movements to provide the ultimate in sitting comfort, encourages movement, relaxation and enhanced circulation.

Summary of TEC office chair

Chair Type:

Available Colors:

Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Olive Green

Optional Accessories:

Chair Dolly, Upholstered Seat

Patent & Certification:

  • U.S. 20-year design patent: No. 10292499
  • TEC-05c: Pass ANSI/BIMFA drop test and backrest durability test(test report)