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The Importance of Reception Area Chairs: Why Good Plastic Waiting Room Chairs are a Must for Business

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The reception area is the first thing that any potential clients, investors, or employees see when they enter your establishment. It needs to have comfortable waiting room chairs, and be a welcoming space for all visitors and employees because every office day begins from here.

It is vitally important that the reception area leave a fresh and lasting first impression that portrays your business in a good light. It should also inspire all employees to be proud of where they work.

In this article, we will discuss the following aspects and explain why having good reception area chairs is a must for your business:

  • The importance of reception area chairs
  • Bad customer experience when waiting in a long queue
  • Guidelines for choosing a good reception area chair

Why reception area chairs play an essential role in the reception area

The best way to welcome your visitors is to receive them in a warm welcome area where they rest in comfort while waiting. The first thing your visitors and customers notice is probably the chair they sit on. A good reception area chair guarantees an excellent first impression and it could be a powerful sales tool!

An excellent first impression

The first impression is usually the most lasting. Your visitors will form their initial opinions about your business based on the look, style, and atmosphere when walking into your office.

Your reception area décor, the desks, and the chairs should be in line with your company culture and the style of your workplace. For example, an ergonomic reception area chair could even reveal your business professionalism.

Reception area plays an important role on forming the first impression for your business

A powerful sales tool

The reception area chair can be your most powerful sales tool. The proper sitting arrangement at the start is crucial to make the whole visiting journey memorable and get the experience right.

The reception area is not only a client’s first but also the last point of contact. Every guest that comes through the door or waits in the area will dictate how that ongoing relationship with your business will go.

Ensuring that our reception area chairs are comfortable and practical reflects our business ethics. It shows our customer-first mindset and how deep we care about our visitors the minute they walk into the door!

Even if they need to wait for a long time to be received, they are willing to wait comfortably and carry on the business with us. Our sales might increase substantially with the right chair.

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However, small business owners tend to overlook the importance of a good reception area chair. When a business owner does not know how painful his customers feel to wait in a long queue, his business may not sustain well.

Now, let’s look at what it is like to wait in a long queue without a good chair.

The experience of waiting in a long queue

How likely are you to wait in a line that stretches out the door? The fact that “long queues scare away customers” is apparent to many businesses.

We now live in a world where instant gratification is a must and where customers expect to have anything they want “at the tip of their hands” (for example, online shopping). Customers have become increasingly impatient when it comes to waiting for a service or a product to arrive.

We should understand the psychological and physical experience our customers face when they wait in a long queue.

Frustrated Enough to Leave

Waiting in line is painful. Perhaps the worst behavior businesses face with long lines is reneging. This happens when customers have waited so long for a service that they decided to leave the line at the last minute because they become frustrated.

That frustrated uncertainty resonates well even after leaving the line! His entire visiting experience can only be summarized by the negative emotion associated with waiting in line.

Physical pain everywhere

When a customer waits in an uncomfortable chair for too long, it puts pressure on his lumbar discs and causes lower back pain. He may then choose to stand instead of sitting down. However, standing too long can also be physically painful. Prolonged standing causes blood pooling in the legs and results in leg pain, back pain, neck pain, and eventually a messy mood.

Sitting on a poorly designed chair for a long time may cause physical pain

Either sitting down or standing, when a customer waits uncomfortably for a grudgingly long time, the physical pain and frustration can lead him to finally leave our business. This messy mood could be ever-lasting.

Even if this customer had a chance to be finally served, they will never return to your business again. First impressions matter: one bad experience can scare away a customer forever.

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The benefits of reception area chairs

Think of your office reception as your shop-front. It should set the tone for the whole of your business. Having a good reception area chair is your chance to make the right first impression with clients, visitors, and employees.

Having clean, tidy, and well-designed plastic waiting room chairs, run by a friendly, welcoming member of staff can help to:

  • Ensure that clients and customers see your business as a professional
  • Create a positive atmosphere in the office
  • Increase sales, customer service, and business performance

In short, bad queue management in the absence of waiting room chairs results in a loss in sales. Therefore, it is vital to have good reception area chairs for your business.

3 Guidelines for choosing reception area chairs. Why plastic waiting room chairs are the best.

When choosing a good reception area chair, it should be easy to maintain, comfortable to sit in, and best if it looks aesthetic. Choosing reception area chairs that are attractive and comfortable, yet sturdy and easy to clean is not easy. But, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Tech & Q offers several quality ergonomic chairs to help you and employees stay as comfortable and productive as possible.

Maintenance comes first

There will be many people sitting on the chairs every day, a necessary attribute for a good reception area chairs is easy-to-clean. Plastic chairs are usually water-proof and allow easy maintenance of the seats. They should also be sturdy enough to be moving around frequently.

In Tech & Q, we manufacture plastic waiting room chairs that match ANSI/BIMFA or AFRDI office-product quality standards.

The plastic chairs we make tolerate lower temperatures and greater sun exposure, thus suitable for all-season use.

All chairs are rust-resistant as they are plated by high-class quadruplicate nickel-chromium. With nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience, Tech & Q makes sure that all chairs are built out of firm and sturdy material.

Look Aesthetic

When talking about reception area chairs for any organization, the design is also crucial. Finding the right furniture that is in line with your company culture and the style of your workplace is quite time-consuming.

Luckily with Tech & Q, there are many varieties of arm chairs, sled base chairs, stacking chairs you can choose from. We even have many vibrant colours such as burgundy, light blue, and ivory that align with your office decoration. Our TEC-Series, EVA-Series, and ACE-series are available in both armchair styles and sled-base styles. Many of them can be firmly stacked away and stored safely.

Ergonomic is a plus

Plastic waiting room chairs with ergonomic features is a rare find in the market. Imagine yourself finally sitting down after a long queue, and the chair you sit in fits your body perfectly. It fully supports your back and allows you to rest your arms and legs in comfort. It must be such a “dream-come-true” experience.

Tech & Q designs its plastic chairs that guarantee an optimal sitting experience. The backplate of our chairs is in a convex shape. While seated, this convex shape enables a human’s back to match completely with the chair back.

This design helps maintain the natural inward curvature of our human spine, thus alleviating back pain.

The artful sculpted back provides instant comfort and support


Regardless of your business size, you should ensure that the reception seating and the décor help visitors feel comfortable before going into their meetings or interviews. Help both your employees and the visitors feel welcome and rest in comfort.

The plastic waiting room chairs manufactured by Tech & Q guarantee you a good day at the office. Kindly visit our selection of plastic ergonomic chairs at TEC-Series.

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