Quality & Material

  • We choose the material carefully to ensure our chairs are endurable in high-latitude regions like Canada and Sweden.
  • We are dedicated to providing high-quality chairs, and most of our hot-selling products match ANSI/BIMFA or AFRDI standards.
  • We offer a 3-year -warranty for all products.

Plant & Equipment

  • We use robotic-automated welding to improve the yield rate of welding and make quality control more manageable.
  • With the CNC automatic pipe bending machine, we can make sure the chair frame is produced correctly.
  • By high-class quadruplicate nickel-chromium plating, we provide chairs that are rust-resistant.

Designs & Products

  • We focus on providing chairs with excellent ergonomic design, ensuring users can maintain the correct posture after an extended setting.
  • Our TEC-05C stacking chair and EVA-05C stacking chair obtained U.S. patents for an innovative chair back design.
  • Our products include sled-base chairs, 4-leg chairs, barstools, and beam chairs; we can provide chairs for various public spaces, such as waiting areas, classrooms, and conference venues.
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