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ACE-05C Stacking Chair

I am comparing this chair to others of similar style I’ve seen in the stores, must say very impressed with this one.

This chair is built very solid, yet light in weight. It has a modern and stylish look, sits comfortably.

Tim Shun Hui
ACE-05C Stacking Chair

Comfortable, stylish, durable and lightweight. The chair can be used in many different settings is a bonus. I would not hesitate to recommend this chair to anyone.

EVA-05C Stacking Chair

Tech & Q (Shiang Plastics) have been business partners for over 20 years including the STEELCO members in Australia & has been very beneficial to all parties.

EVA Guest Chair range has been the chair that the business has been built around over the years.

Phill Noblet

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About Tech & Q

We are office chair manufacturer in Taiwan, our main business is designing, manufacturing and exporting guest chair, swivel chair and stool. All of our products are designed and made in Taiwan. Main purchasers are distributors in USA and Australia.