The design concept behind our ergonomic chair

Correct sitting posture plays an important role in our daily life. The best way to prevent poor sitting posture and its side effects is by understanding the spinal anatomy, avoiding stresses on the muscles of the spine, and keeping good posture and healthy sitting and working habits.

Our DynaFlex series chairs are the result of years of research for ergonomics and the natural habits that people use whilst sitting in chairs. People don’t constantly sit in the same posture, and often change their sitting position and posture throughout the day. This is why we need a more dynamic solution to support our lower back. Hence, we developed the DynaFlex series task chair / guest chair.

By the special ergonomic design of 3-D pop-out back cradles, it can offer consistent, comfortable support to the lower back according to different seated positions. Once you try this chair, you won’t want to use your old chairs.

By the excellent and creative design, DynaFlex series obtains U.S.A patent for 20 years. We also developed EEZZEEBAK lumbar support which has also obtained U.S.A patent and the endorsement of Dr Anthony Bleetman, PhD FRCSEd FCEM DipIMC RCSEd(Dr Anthony Bleetman’s profile).

The artful sculpted back of TEC chair provides instant comfort and support

Out latest product: TEC series chair also take  ergonomic design into consideration. Its artful sculpted back provides instant comfort and keeps in contact with your spine from the moment you sit down.

TEC’s artful sculpted back provides instant comfort and keeps in contact with your spine from the moment you sit down. Moreover, the signature slats in the back permit flexing and respond actively to the motions of the body, while the user sits, works and moves throughout the day.(More detail about the design concept of TEC chair)

The importance of correct sitting posture.

Sitting with a slouched posture for prolonged periods of time is a major cause of back pain. Most of us have poor sitting posture, causing increased stress in the back, neck, arms and legs and can cause fatigue, difficulty to breathe, and so on. Bad sitting posture can also add tremendous pressure to the spine, ligaments, back muscles and spinal discs. Poor postures and sitting habits are very common in modern society. It is difficult for us to correct these bad habits. The chair with poor design is the major cause of poor posture and back pain, and will lead to other problems, such as headaches, neck pain.

Chair with good design can help us improve sitting posture

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