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Types of Stacking Chairs: How to Choose a Stacking Chair as an Office Chair?

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In the past decades, we have witnessed a surge in demand for flexible, multi-purpose, and multi-functional workspace. When we are designing a multi-functional office, different types of stacking chairs become a popular option.

A well-designed, safe and comfortable stacking chair does lighten up your day, increase productivity, and bring back customer visits. In this article, we will discuss how to choose a good stacking chair and where to buy a good one.

Why Stacking Chairs are Essential for an Office

Stacking chairs are temporary seating chairs that can be snugly stacked on top of one another for transporting and storage. They offer excellent flexibility and easy storage for the office. Here are the main benefits of stacking chairs:


Most stacking chairs are made of plastic which is cheaper and generally unbreakable. Their four strong legs allow for continuous moving, shifting, and stacking. Thus, it is more durable and cost-effective than other types of chairs.

Easy to maintain:

Unlike wooden chairs that can develop cracks and metal chairs rust, plastic chairs are generally waterproof and require little maintenance. They allow minimal cleaning effort and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Space saving:

A great reason to choose stacking chairs as an office necessity is that they can quickly free up some space.

Stacking chairs can be stacked up in a dolly and moved around across the room. They are usually stored in a closet or the corner of a room before and after an event to create proper spaces.


ACE-05C on the chair dolly

How to Choose Different Types of Stacking Chairs as Office Chairs

Stacking chairs are the best seating option for multi-purpose office rooms. With the growing demand for stacking chairs, there are now many varieties of stacking chairs. Choosing the right stacking chairs for an office can be quite frustrating.

To simplify the decision-making process, let’s focus on the two most important aspects: functionality and features.


Short-term or Long-term Seating

How long you sit in a stacking chair depends on the purpose of the event you are attending. If you need to work all day long at a fixed desk, then a task chair or well-padded stacking chair may be the best option. On the contrary, if the chair is to be used for temporary gatherings such as meetings, conferences, seminars or banquets, then stackable chairs will be the best option.

Common Area or Private Usage

In any common areas where the conversations between users are short and temporary, movable and stackable chairs would be a great choice. At high-traffic common areas such as an employee cafeteria, flexible seating is essential because it allows workers to relax and socialize during the longest break of the day.


Sturdy Material:

Stacking chairs should be built for durability to sustain frequent stacking and to accommodate people of all sizes. Plastic resin seats are the best option because they are impact-resistant and require less efforts to maintain. Moreover, resin prohibits the growth of germs and bacteria while providing an easy-clean surface for simplified care and upkeep.

Seat width and depth

Any office chair seat should have enough width and depth to support your body comfortably. The seat depth is measured from the front to the back of the seat. It needs to be large enough so that you can sit comfortably with your back against the backrest of the chair. You should be able to distribute your body weight evenly across the seat.

Lumbar and back support

Lumbar support or lower back support is crucial in a good stacking chair. The human lumbar spine has an inward curve that flattens when we slouch our back.

Not having the right lumbar support weakens our lower spine structures. The best stacking chairs have a lumbar adjustment feature that supports our lower spine and keeps us in a good, healthy posture for hours.

TEC-05C obtains U.S. innovation patent by 3-D back design

Ganging chair glides

The ganging chair glides are designed to connect chairs for easy movement and seating. Stacking chairs can be connected with the bottom or side glides to make straight neat rolls.

These glides also prevent the chairs from moving around and damaging the floor surface.


EVA-05C-guest chair-3 row
EVA-05C Guest Chair in a row by chair linking glide

Where to Buy Stacking Chairs- 5 Amazing Stackable Chairs

Stacking chairs are considered one of the best-selling chairs in the world. Nowadays, you can see stacking chairs in many schools, offices, hospitals, airports, canteens, restaurants, convention centers, arenas, and even at home.

For 20 years, Tech & Q manufactures space-saving stacking chairs to diversify your seating areas. Below are what we offer as perfect common area chairs.:

TEC-05C Stacking Guest Chair:

The TEC-05C is a sled-base stacking guest chair, with a stylish 3D backrest design that is ergonomic and comfortable.

It is a perfect choice for meeting rooms, common area use, or conference venues. It is most notable with its 20-year US patent on the ergonomic chair back design (Patent Number: 10292499)

Available Colors: 5 colors, including Black, Burgundy, Light Blue.

Certification: ANSI/BIMFA General Purpose Office Chair Test

TEC-05C stacking guest chair, color: light blue
TEC-05C stacking guest chair, color: light blue

ACE-05C Stacking Guest Chair:

ACE-05C is Tech & Q’s most popular stacking guest chair. It is sturdy and durable for frequent stacking and moving around.

Each chair is firmly linked by ganging glides, making it a perfect choice for meeting rooms, employee cafeteria, common area use, or conference venues.

Inspired by the logo of Adidas, ACE-05C chair features elegant shape with 3 string lines hollow-out on both sides, providing excellent support to our back. The creative design and modern styling make ACE-05C our best seller.

It is a perfect choice for meeting rooms, employee cafeteria, common area use, or conference venues.

ace-05c-guest chair-olive green
ACE-05C stacking guest chair, olive green

Available Colors: 8 colors, including Black, Burgundy, Light Blue.

Certification: ANSI/BIMFA General Purpose Office Chair Test; AFRDI Level 4 – Heavy Domestic / Light Commercial.

TEC-06C Stacking Side Chair:

TEC-06C is the lightest stacking side chair offered by Tech & Q. Like other Tech & Q stacking chairs, TEC-06C can be stored in a trolly for bulk transportation.

You can stack up to 20 chairs safely without them falling. This versatile guest chair is a perfect choice for banquets, meeting rooms, common areas, or conference venues.

Available Colors: 5 colors, including Black, Burgundy, Light Blue.

TEC-06C-side chair-Burgundy
TEC-06C side chair, burgundy

TEC-06CA Stacking Chair with Arms:

TEC-06CA is a popular stacking chair with an armrest. It is especially suitable for long-hour meetings.

The armrest provides extra space for the users to rest or get up more easily. This stacking guest chair is a perfect choice for a meeting room, common area or a care center.

Available Colors: 5 colors, including Black, Burgundy, Light Blue.

TEC-06CA-side chair with arms-dark blue
TEC-06CA side chair with arms, dark blue

ACE-05HC Barstool:

ACE-05HC Barstool is a type of tall chairs used at bars and high tables. Although it was commonly used in pubs, restaurants, and bars, its office use is getting popular with a different taste of style and look.

ACE-05HC Barstool promotes a change of posture for meetings & work whilst high bar stools create inviting social spaces. This barstool is now a great choice for the office common area, dining area, and bars.

Available Colors: 8 colors, including Black, Burgundy, Light Blue.

ACE-05HC-stool-navy blue
ACE-05HC stool, navy blue


Besides single stacking chairs, Tech & Q also offers 2-seater or 3-seater beam chairs for common area use. Kindly visit us for more information on beam chairs at

We, Tech & Q, offers spectacular stacking chairs to meet your color and style needs.  Come shop with us, Tech & Q guarantees you a good day at the office.

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