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Our company has been a specialized manufacturer of plastic stacking chairs since 1992. All of our products are designed and made in Taiwan. Our biggest advantage is that we constantly improve the design of our chairs through extensive R&D.

Every plastic stacking chair we have made since the beginning has been ergonomically designed, that is, designed with your comfort in mind.

We understand our customers’ demand for the highest-quality product, so we thoroughly test each chair before shipping it out. We care about our quality and your comments.

Our History

Our founder, Mr. David Liu, started manufacturing and exporting plastic bobbins to overseas markets. He noticed that ergonomics is inherent in the design of office chairs in Western countries. However, most of the chairs in the local Taiwan market were still simple and lacked ergonomics, which cannot help improve users’ postures.

At Tech & Q, we’ve spent years researching the ergonomics of seating and transformed into a plastic stacking chair manufacturer. With our knowledge of human behavior and expertise in plastic injection molding, we developed a range of plastic stacking chairs incorporating the latest ergonomic science with stylish designs.

We successfully expanded into the office chair industry and continue manufacturing and exporting OA chairs, including multipurpose public plastic stacking chairs, swivel chairs, and barstools worldwide. (Read More)

Our Main Markets

From the first model VP to ACE and now the latest TEC, all are popular in markets including the USA, Australia, Scandinavia, the UK, the Philippines, etc., through a dedicated network of independent agencies and distributors.

Our Partners include:


We are committed to our customers and chairs with ergonomics, and we hope you have an excellent sitting experience by using our plastic stacking chair. If you want to know how we design chairs, please visit our design concept.

  • U.S. Patent: n.o. 10292499 (TEC Chair), n.o. 8113582 (EEZZEEBAK Lumbar Support), n.o. 10292499(EVA Chair)
  • ANSI/BIMFA General Purpose Office Chair Test: ACE Chair, TEC Chair, EVA Chair
  • AFRDI Level 4 – Heavy Domestic / Light Commercial: ACE Chair, EVA Chair

Equipments in The Manufacturing Plant

  • Plastic injection-molding machine x 7
  • CNC automatic pipe bending machine
  • Robotic-automated welding
  • High-class quadruplicate nickel chromium plating

Our Office Chair Products

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