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TEC-06C 4-Leg Guest Chair

TEC-06C is TEC series 4-leg guest chair. TEC mirrors natural body movements to provide the ultimate in sitting comfort, encourages movement, relaxation and enhanced circulation. Its artful sculpted back provides instant comfort and keeps in contact with your spine from the moment you sit down. Moreover, the signature slats in the back permit flexing and respond actively to the motions of the body, while the user sits, works and moves throughout the day.

TS-06 Guest Chair with Armrest

TS-06 is the visitors chair of T - Star series, with armrest and 3 D innovative back which matches the curve of human spine.

ACE-07C 4-Leg Guest Chair

ACE-07 is our ACE series 4-leg visitor chair with elegant chair back shape to reinforce the support to our back.